Glaciers Galore

I had my first visitor in Alaska at the end of August as my mom came to visit me. She couldn’t have picked a better time to come, we had the nicest couple of days weather-wise in a month and a half. Once it looked like the weather was going to be great we booked the 26 Glacier Cruise out of Whittier, AK and it did not disappoint. For those that care, the full size pictures look much, much better.

Whittier is accessible through the longest combined rail/road tunnel in North America. It was the longest road tunnel till Boston’s “Big Dig” opened at 3.5 miles.

Entrance to the tunnel

At Portage Lake, not even on the cruise yet. Coast Guard helicopter provides scale

As a testament to how good the weather was this day, here is 250m resolution satellite imagery on the day we were on Prince William Sound. I outlined the cruise path. Anchorage is the dot.

Leaving Whittier

Billings Glacier

Blackstone Glacier
Blackstone Glacier

Buoy 46081

Buoy 46081

Proud looking sea lions

Sailing up Esther Passage

Glaciers here include from left to right: Barnard, Wellesley, Vassar, Bryn Mawr, Smith

First look up College Fjord

Amherst Glacier

Downer, Yale, Baby, and Dartmouth Glaciers

Williams Glacier (I think)

Crescent Glacier

Either Williams or Amherst Glacier

Harvard Glacier

Cascade Glacier

Baker and Serpentine Glacier

Surprise Glacier

Lots of pictures animated of Surprise Glacier calving, if only I could have pointed the camera in the right direction.


Cascade, Barry, and Coxe Glacier

A raft of sea otters

Barry Glacier

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I'm a meteorologist living and working in Anchorage, Alaska
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2 Responses to Glaciers Galore

  1. Barbara LaForge says:


    I am so glad your Mom came to visit and even gladder (new word) she had such awesome weather. Maybe she will move out of Illinois?????

  2. mtlawson07 says:

    It would be nice to have her up here, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 😉 On a different note, I’m starting to get excited for ski season!

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